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Information concerning the submission of a Scientific Work related to the animated music notation.

What happens if your paper got accepted to a conference but you are unable to make it to the venue and do your presentation? If you ask kindly, you are invited to present your paper via Skype. This has certain disadvantages: The internet connection might be weak, it might me inconvenient for you to address people this way, etc.

Why not submit a video or an animated keynote instead? Why not working intensively on this video, using for instance animation, images, video and sound to make your presentation something special? Follow scientific procedures and host an entertaining but profoundly researched video lecture! Your creativity is the limit!

What is a “Scientific Work”?

While there is no specific form or template for the video presentation, it could take the form of an animated presentation with a voice-over, a screen capture video or a video of a lecture.

Keep in mind that the video needs to be comprehensible and informative! Please follow academic standards (similar to a scientific paper) with introduction, hypothesis, references, etc.

The length of your video presentation should be approx. 8–12 minutes.

You can find some ideas and suggestions on video presentations in online academies such as Khan Academy or TED Talks.

What Kind of Scientific Works are Eligible?

A couple of points to consider.

We are not seeking regular conference/symposium papers in the format of a 6-page abstract in PDF format or similar.

We are seeking creative and informative video presentations that deal scientifically with animated music notation.

Submission Guidelines

Please make sure to follow the procedure below to submit an Artistic Work (extended deadline May 31, 2016). Submissions that do not follow the guidelines may be disqualified.

  1. Consult the general information about the symposium on the “Welcome!” page.
  2. Check out the list of proposed “Themes and Topics” on the “Participate” page for some ideas about what to submit.
  3. Read the “Rules and Regulations” found on the “Rules” page.
  4. Complete the form below (asterix indicate mandatory fields) and click “Submit” at the bottom of the page. For multiple submissions you will have to go through this procedure for each individual work.


Submissions are not anonymous and should clearly indicate the following:

  • Name of all authors, composers, performers or others involved;
  • Title of the work;
  • Date the work was created, or performed;
  • Any other such relevant information.

Media Format

Videos or other media files can be submitted using a file sharing or cloud service like Dropbox or a video platform such as Vimeo. If you use file sharing, please try to keep the file to a reasonable size!

Submission Form

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