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Anders Lind

The first work to discuss is by Anders Lind from Sweden. Below you will find three videos. The first two are concert recordings of his work: “Voices of Umeå: Everybody Scream!!!”. The third is a presentation for this symposium describing Anders’ aparoach on animated notation.

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Anders himself writes about the work: ”

Everybody Scream!!! was the grand final composition made within the artistic research project Voices of Umeå, initiated and conducted by Swedish composer and senior artistic lecturer Anders Lind. The composition is divided in eight movements with a total duration of 45 minutes and composed for large crowd of citizens using their voices, three interactive instruments (Voices of Umeå: Singing Instruments!!) and electronics (prerecorded sounds of voices from the citizens). The premiere performance was held in May 2014 at Norrlandsoperan in Umeå, Sweden as a part of the Umeå 2014 European Capital of Culture programme. Approximately 200 citizens, including school children participated in the performance. An animated music notation system (the Max Maestro) conducted five of the eight movements of the composition (1, 2, 4, 6, 7). The ambition was to facilitate a performance, where anybody regardless their musical background could participate and contribute to a unique and still highly artistic musical expression.


Exproring the submission starts today!

“The speeping beauty finally awakens!” – It took us quite some time to go through the selection process. My apologies for any inconvenience caused! We received many phantastic works from all over the globe. Unfortunately we can’t present all the submissions.

This symposium is not about finding the best work. It is not about rating or grading works. It is about finding what is literally state of the art. We will discuss works from different perspectives in order to examine them. We would like to explore what exactly makes those selected works exceptional.

What techniques are used? What about the interface? How can the notation be used? What do the performers make out of it? We focus on those kind of questions in order to get a deeper understanding about what animated notation is and how we can utilize it in contemporary music practice, music performing, music teaching…

Please check out the “Presentation” page. There we will discuss the selected works.


Submission closed!

Dear you! The submission for the Animated Notation online Symposium 2016 is closed.

We received 55 works from 14 different countries!

Heartfelt thanks to you for your submissions!!

Over the summer, the jury will have a look at the submissions and select the most interesting ones to be presented and discussed on our website. On October/November we will publish the results also on our website and plan the publication in “eContact!”.

Enjoy your summer and keep on composing using animation!


Selected Submissions Will Be Published

Special Announcement

ANS is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) and their online journal for electroacoustic practices, eContact! Selected submissions to the Animated Notation Online Symposium 2016 will be published in an upcoming issue of eContact! on the topic of Notation of Electroacoustic and Digital Media.

There is still time to submit your proposals and works to ANS 2016!


Countdown of the submission deadline – Submit today!

Important Dates

Please Note These Important Dates!

  • May 31, 2016 — Extended deadline for submissions
  • Summer 2016 — Submissions adjudicated by the Artistic Committee
  • October 2016 — Publication of the online presentation of the selected works