Exproring the submission starts today!

“The speeping beauty finally awakens!” – It took us quite some time to go through the selection process. My apologies for any inconvenience caused! We received many phantastic works from all over the globe. Unfortunately we can’t present all the submissions.

This symposium is not about finding the best work. It is not about rating or grading works. It is about finding what is literally state of the art. We will discuss works from different perspectives in order to examine them. We would like to explore what exactly makes those selected works exceptional.

What techniques are used? What about the interface? How can the notation be used? What do the performers make out of it? We focus on those kind of questions in order to get a deeper understanding about what animated notation is and how we can utilize it in contemporary music practice, music performing, music teaching…

Please check out the “Presentation” page. There we will discuss the selected works.